Maitanz follows after the traditional installation of the Maibaum (May tree) while the audience enjoys Bier and Bratwurst. The dancers holding on to ribbons, which are attached to the top of the Maibaum, dance around the tree creating a pattern. 

Bayerische Tradition und Kultur beim Maibaumfest in Putzbrunn bei Muenchen.Maibaum (May tree)

The Maibaum is a decorated tree or tree-post which depending on region is carried, set up and placed in a central location near a bar in the village or city on May 1st . It is normally accompanied by on-lookers and a German band.04_garm_patenk_tracht

The Maibaum is taken down on June 1st by the same young, unmarried men who put it up and depending on region, they get rewarded with a case of bier and cake.

Maibaumstehlen (stealing the Maibaum)

It is a common application. The night before the installation young, unmarried men need to watch for Maibaum thieves. To avoid the Maibaum from being taken, the person watching the tree, needs to have a hand on the tree and needs to say the words: “The tree stays here” before the thieves can put a hand on it.